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This page introduces what, why, who, how, and when of Steppy.


Steppy is a training program for entrepreneurship with the core of “steps” in the design. It follows the behavioral science to guide its design by putting the observable behavior change as the learning objective of the program. If you can learn it, do it, change your behavior, you are a graduate of what you were taught. 

It is also based on the educational ideas of social learning and experiential learning, which fully embrace the ideology of social construction of knowledge and learning by doing. The purpose of the program is to make people using it to become more entrepreneurial and even entrepreneurs through guided steps and tasks. 

Contents in Steppy are label-based, topic-based, task-based, step-wise, and constantly evolving. This means they can be repackaged to formulate both formal and informal training programs in a very creative way.


Entrepreneurial skills are getting more and more important in this technology-driven, knowledge-oriented, and fast-evolving society of us. Jobs are disappearing to auto bots. AI is advancing in a way that humans of the last century could only see from the sci-fi film. More than ever we now need to cultivate and release innovation and creativity of individuals to free them from the devastating labor market and help them contribute to society in a more meaningful, helpful and desired way. 

Instead of preparing people for jobs that will never come, we need to prepare them to create jobs for themselves and other people. 

Meanwhile, more and more people are not happy with their current jobs. Read Extra-small businesses are an appealing escape from the corporate jobs we hate. We as educators are responsible of equipping the labor force with entrepreneurial skills to allow a higher level of liquidity, flexibility, and freedom concerning their job shifting and choice of being self-employed/entrepreneurs.


On the content consumer side, Steppy is for people capable of mature literacy – being able to read and communicate in a comprehensive way. That is really the entry point of using this program. Besides that, it is for people who are interested in learning about this topic.  It is also suitable for professional educators and trainers who want to help other people get more entrepreneurial. For instance, it can be totally adapted to the business sector for employee training.

On the content producer side, Steppy is, in fact, a user-generated content-driven program. To start the engine, we do not open it to everyone for creating contents but to only professionals who are entrepreneurial in their practices, research, and experiences. So they are really innovators, entrepreneurs, incubator directors, entrepreneurship professors, business trainers, etc. 


You are one account away from using Steppy. It is on the website, on the app of both android and iOS systems. You can use your google account, Facebook account, LinkedIn account to directly sign in to the site. Or use your personal email address to sign up. 

If you sign up as a content consumer, you can either choose to pay the annual fee of subscription to access to all contents in the community or choose to pay based on the content that you want to access. It means that individual content produced by each producer has a price (free or with a price) depending on the producer. If it is free, you can use it for free. If it bears a price, you need to pay. 

If you sign up as a content producer, you can publish content with prices on the website. You can also share the content for free to the community without setting a price. Any contents sold will earn you Steppy coins. Steppy coins can be periodically cashed out in the format of Amazon gift cards. No direct transaction will take place between banks of the producers’ side and bank of Steppy side. 


Steppy is expected to be a two-year project and the full product will be launched on December 2, 2021.