Call for the founding team


Glad to see you landing here, which means you are interested in working together. If you haven’t checked the page of Befriend Steppy and Philosophy of Steppy, make sure you give them a read.

Steppy is very young. It came as an idea of mine to help people transform their professional roles into being more creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial.

Steppy is now recruiting its founding team, with whom I can further develop the prototype of this training program concerning curriculum, media, business model, technical programming, etc.

The following team roles are in need:

  • Project manager (1)
  • App developers (either iOS or Android app): multiple
  • Graphic designers: multiple
  • Researchers: multiple
  • Marketing officers: multiple

If you are interested in this project and would like to join me and build it further together, please kindly drop me an email on

Benefits of joining the team:

  • Potential to become its future stakeholder and employees in case of incorporation in Japan.
  • Gain full access to the program without any constraint.
  • Gain entrepreneurial hands-on experience in a real entrepreneurial project.
  • In case of an early exit, you will receive a recommendation letter and certificate of contribution from the project.

Minimum length of commitment: 6 months.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Jingjing Lin

Behaviorist; Researcher; Education and Training Consultant.

I am keen on behavioral psychology and its application to teaching and learning. Integrate people, resources, and training in the unit “community”, and cultivate the development of the community of practice locally is a way out to better entrepreneurial activities and success in the economy. Yes, that is what I believe.


We are inviting backers to sponsor our effort to develop the infrastructure, develop the website, launch the App on iOS and Android systems. If you consider Steppy promising and valuable and want to benefit from getting full access to the program FOREVER with a one-time payment instead of the annual payment of 99.99 dollars, you now have the opportunity by contributing to this campaign as Steppy backers. Become Steppy backer