Entrepreneur Types

Four entrepreneurship stages by GEM

According to Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, there are four entrepreneurship phases.

  • the potential phase
  • nascent phase
  • new-business phase
  • established-business phase

While most students who have never created a new business before are potential entrepreneurs. And people who engage in setting up a new business are “nascent entrepreneurs”. When you are running a new business that has existed for less than 3.5 years, you are the owner-manager of a new business in the market. After the threshold of 3.5 years, you transform to the owner-manager of an established business.

So where are you now as an entrepreneur?

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By Dr. Jingjing Lin

Behaviorist; Researcher; Education and Training Consultant. Keen on behavioral psychology and its application to teaching and learning. Integrate people, resources, and training in the unit "community", and cultivate the development of the community of practice locally is a way out to better entrepreneurial activities and success in the economy. Yes, that is what I believe.

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