Six schools of thoughts defining entrepreneurship

According to Cunningham and Lischeron (1991), there are six
different schools of thoughts defining entrepreneurship. They are:

(1) the ‘‘great person’’ school of entrepreneurship,

(2) the psychological characteristics school of entrepreneurship,

(3) the classical school of entrepreneurship,

(4) the management school of entrepreneurship,

(5) the leadership school of entrepreneur- ship, and

(6) the intrapreneurship school of entrepreneurship.

The first and the second schools define entrepreneurs or entrepre- neurial behavior through the assessment of personal qualities.

The third school defines entrepreneurs as those who recognize opportunities (opportunity recognition skills).

The fourth and fifth schools see entrepreneurs as those who act and manage (management skills).

The sixth school defines entrepreneurs in organizations (intrapreneurs) as those who reassess and adapt.


Sambasivan, M., Abdul, M., & Yusop, Y. (2009). Impact of personal qualities and management skills of entrepreneurs on venture performance in Malaysia: Opportunity recognition skills as a mediating factor. Technovation29(11), 798-805.

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By Dr. Jingjing Lin

Behaviorist; Researcher; Education and Training Consultant. Keen on behavioral psychology and its application to teaching and learning. Integrate people, resources, and training in the unit "community", and cultivate the development of the community of practice locally is a way out to better entrepreneurial activities and success in the economy. Yes, that is what I believe.

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