17 entrepreneurial skills: how far are you to entrepreneurship?

This article is to offer you a list of entrepreneurial skills well developed and recognized by academic scholars Lichtenstein and Lyons (1996) and Lyons and Lyons (2002). Have a look and tell me by commenting below: how far away are you from being a qualified entrepreneur?

Meta-category Sub-skills
Technical skills   managing operations;

managing supplies and the supply chain;

office/production space skills – the ability to source buildings and design the workplace;

managing plant and equipment, technology and production processes.
Management skills   management skills, including planning, organizing and supervising;

marketing skills, including the ability to identify customers and distribution channels and engage with them;

financial management skills;

legal skills;

administrative skills such as the ability to align an organization’s structure and strategy;

higher-order skills related to learning and problem-solving.
Entrepreneurship skillsthe ability to develop a concept and a business plan;

environmental scanning;

opportunity recognition;

advisory board and networking.
Personal maturityself-awareness;


emotional coping;


For each category and each skill, the following four tables can give you a better idea.


Smith, W. L., Schallenkamp, K., & Eichholz, D. E. (2006). Entrepreneurial skills assessment: an exploratory study. International Journal of Management and Enterprise Development4(2), 179-201.

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By Dr. Jingjing Lin

Behaviorist; Researcher; Education and Training Consultant. Keen on behavioral psychology and its application to teaching and learning. Integrate people, resources, and training in the unit "community", and cultivate the development of the community of practice locally is a way out to better entrepreneurial activities and success in the economy. Yes, that is what I believe.

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